Corporate gifting with added sparkle ✨

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You want smiles and action from your gifting investment.

One in every two of our gifts are shared online - which we get pretty excited about!

We've helped clients launch products, sell out events and get their products centre stage with influencers. 

Everything about your campaign is customisable; colour palette, branding, messaging and any added extras you want to pop in the box.

Use our balloon mail-outs for;

  • Launching new products
  • Event invitations
  • Thanking partners
  • Gifting customers
  • Reaching influencers

We can accomodate Australia-wide distribution and any size order - from one gift to 100+.

Chat to us today about making your next corporate send out, count. 

Alternative corporate gifting Melbourne | send balloon gifts | branded balloons
Corporate gifting | send balloons | The Heyday Club | Garnier


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Garnier Australia | The Heyday Club

Get The Nude Effect, BB Sheer Cream | Product launch

We sent these super gorgeous peach and rose gold bubbles out to 100 beauty bloggers in Victoria, New South Wales, and Queensland. 

Garnier Influencer CampaignGarnier Influencer CampaignGarnier Influencer Campaign



Chobani | The Heyday Club | send balloons
#ChobaniFlip  | New flavour

These tropical themed bubbles helped spread the message about the newest Chobani Flip flavour.

Health and wellness influencers in the Melbourne area received these and shared the tasty news with their followers. 

Cobani Influencer CampaignChobani Influencer CampaignChobani Influencer Campaign