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We're here to help. If you have a question or are looking for something bespoke use these contact details or the enquiry form below to get in-touch.
@theheydayclub [fb messenger] 

Product pickups:
The CLIK Collective, 1-7 Elizabeth Street, Kensington. VIC 3031. 



How long will the balloon float for? 
The balloons tend to last up to 14 days. However, if you unclip your garland when the balloon starts to drop you'll enjoy more floating time. 

What is the balloon made of?
Our bubble balloons are made from a variety of materials. The bubbles are innovative stretchy see-through plastic which is recyclable and non-allergenic, the metallic balloons are constructed from man-made materials (they are reusable!) and our XL coloured balloons are biodegradable latex. 

What is included in the box which the recipient receives?
Your balloon, tissue paper, a gift tag, a polaroid picture and a balloon weight to ensure the balloon doesn't fly away.

What if I want to cancel or amend my order?
Please contact us on or text 0479 075 709 as soon as possible. Once you've placed the order it's likely that your balloon will already be in production, but we will do all we can to help. 

What size do the balloons come in?
This ranges but our bubbles are 51cm and you'll receive most gifts in a large box. This is made clear on each product page. 

Can I design my own balloon?
Yes. We can help with bespoke creations and these are quoted for separately. Get in touch with us for details. 

Why are the balloons only delivered in Melbourne and the outer suburbs?
Balloons can only be transported via road not air due to the pressure, they are also fragile cargo so reducing the journey time improves the quality of your balloon. 

Can you cater for parties or events?
Yes, we'd be delighted to help you make memories. Get in touch to chat through your requirements. 

What if my balloon is damaged in transit?
All gifts are made hours before order and float in our studio to ensure they are in perfect condition. Balloons are however fragile cargo so if your gift doesn't reach you as intended please get in touch to let us know about the issue and we will be happy to send a replacement or provide a full refund.