Being mindful

The Heyday Club is part of PEBA the ProEnvironment Balloon Alliance

The Heyday Club is a proud member of PEBA (The Pro Environment Balloon Alliance). 

- We do not sell to customers wanting to release balloons into the air. And, as of July 1st, 2021 it is illegal to release balloons into the air. 
- We promote and practice the correct disposal of balloon installations
- All our balloons are either recyclable (bubbles!), reusable (metallics!) or biodegradable (XL latex balloons!)
- All of our tissue paper is natural and acid-free
- Our delivery boxes use recycled cardboard
- and we are mindful of our helium use making sure none is used unnecessarily
We try to be decent gals in normal life and the same goes for the business! There is no Planet B after all x
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